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GuestCentric-Increase-Direct-Website-TrafficIf you are a business owner these days, it is necessary to have an online presence. The easiest way to do this is to have a website. Websites can be static or changing, and are 100% customizable to your specific needs. Furthermore, you can reach anyone in the entire world that has internet access if you have an online presence. This means, potentially, every world citizen can know about your business and use your services.

Now, let’s be realistic. Your business market it not the entire world. However, the internet still allows you to reach so many more potential customers and clients than you would possibly reach if you didn’t have a website at all.

The problem is, however, that just having a website does not automatically guarantee that you will have anyone actually see the site. If your website it new, or if your business is just starting out and you have limited funds, there really is a small likelihood of customers seeing your website content. To get your content discovered, you need special strategies.

These strategies are call SEO, SEM, SMO and Internet Marketing (an umbrella term).

SEO is short for search engine optimization. This refers to multiple processes of coding and more that helps search engines like Google and Yahoo! read your website more easily. SEO can be done, in a limited sense, for free.

SEM is search engine marketing. This refers to paid advertising campaigns that use search engines. It’s like a commercial for the internet.

SMO is social media optimizationLike SEO, this can be done for free to an extent. This requires a very in depth understanding of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.