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The Future of SEO Utah

The Future of SEO Utah

The unfortunate truth regarding the future prospects of a content creator working for an SEO Salt Lake City business who is primarily tasked to create content for web bots is that his or her job will not exist in the probably near future. This is the case because as soon as artificial intelligence or sentient programs develop sufficiently in sophistication and their price point drops sufficiently to the level where they are cheaper to buy than paying actual humans the actual humans will no longer be paid because they will be replaced with said artificial intelligence. The only question is, how long will it take for this sophistication and price point to reach this epoch.

Now of course the content creator will have to adapt to this new reality and the smart content creator will anticipate this eventuality and adapt before it happens. Make no mistake, as soon as it is no longer worth it for the Utah SEO business to pay the freelance content creator they will drop them like a hot potato. This is no slight against the SEO Park City business. They have to survive in the modern business climate just like any other profit motivated concern. Rather, this is more a warning to the complacent content creator who thinks he can rely on the compensation he makes writing content for web bots.

If content creation is the skill the individual relies upon for income then the individual will have to refocus his efforts on actual content that provides actual information to other people. This combined with the content creator’s own point of view will go a long way to ensure longevity in the field of content creation. This is true because it seems unlikely that artificial intelligence will be able to replicate the point of view of a specific content creator within the foreseeable future.

SEO Utah Methods

SEO Utah Methods

SEO Salt Lake City businesses often employ writers to create content for their customers. Often this content is not created for human consumption but rather for web bots. When writers create content for web bots it does not matter what the content is so long as certain requirements are met. These requirements can vary depending on the intended function of the content. Often content is created in order to boost the position of the customer’s website in search engine listings when specific keywords are used by a person surfing the web. If the content contains the keywords and a link to the customer’s website this will have the effect of prioritizing the customer’s website in search engine listings when those keywords are used.

Accordingly, the created content need not be related to the customer’s business. As long as the content contains the links, the keywords, a picture and does not appear to be obvious spam it will be tallied by the web bot in order to prioritize search engine listings. There is a question as what would appear to be obvious spam to a web bot. Each search engine probably has different standards for this. Because search engine algorithms are proprietary information it is somewhat difficult for Utah SEO to know exactly how it makes its determinations as to how to prioritize its listings.

One specific way to make an educated guess as to how a search engine will prioritize its listings is to perform experiments and see what works. Through this method it was determined that links back to a website from a disinterested third party website does have a positive effect on search engine listings. Based on this and other experiments SEO Park City businesses have reverse engineered (to an extent) the functions of the search engine algorithms.

Pictures Grab People’s Attention

Pictures Grab People’s Attention

It is widely understood that the use of photos and other images is the single, most important SEO tactic to optimize social media posts. This is true for SEO in Salt Lake City and around the world. In other words, by simply adding a picture to a blog post or tweet one can significantly increase the chances that blog post or tweet will be read by a person surfing the internet than it would otherwise have without the picture.

Of course the most effective image will depend on what the person surfing the web is actually searching for or is otherwise interested in. As such, it is highly worth your while to consider the type of person who would be interested in the content you are providing and from there consider what picture would be most appealing to him or her. For example, if you have content designed to appeal to a heterosexual, teenaged boy it might serve your purposes to include a photograph of a beautiful woman in a bikini.

Keep in mind, however, that the image must be actually related to the content you are providing. Otherwise you will risk looking disingenuous which can then have the exact opposite effect you desire (i.e., the person actually reading your content). This happens because when people know they are being manipulated they tend to not like it and react negatively.

Now, certainly all advertising can be seen as an attempt to manipulate a potential person into consuming content and ultimately making a purchase based upon that consumption. But there is a difference between encouraging a person to read your content by providing something useful and scamming a person into reading your content by tricking them. One leaves the person engaged and otherwise feeling good about themselves. The other engenders disengagement and leaves the person feeling manipulated and angry. Obviously, the former is more likely to convert to sales.

In short, when making a social media post try to add a picture that is related to the content but is designed to catch the eye of the potential person reading the content. This is the single most effective SEO technique in Utah or anywhere else.

What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?

Most successful businesses in Salt Lake City require a robust internet presence and this requires the use of practices which employ SEO with Salt Lake City as a focus. But what exactly is SEO?

SEO is an acronym standing for the term “Search Engine Optimization” and specifically refers to the process by which the content of a website can be managed to affect its visibility in the unpaid results of a search engine such as Google or Bing. Unpaid (sometimes called “organic” or “natural”) results are contrasted with “paid” results. Paid results are prioritized in the listings by a search engine because the search engine was paid to do so. Essentially, paid results are paid advertising. Unpaid search engine results by contrast are prioritized based on the relevance of the content of the article to the search terms submitted into the search engine. The relevance is determined by the search engine’s algorithm. SEO is the process by which the content of an article can be made to be valued as more relevant by the search engine’s algorithm and therefore appear higher in the search engine’s listings. Appearing higher in the listings is desirable because it makes it more likely that a person searching the web will view the article listed. Typically search engines will locate paid results above or to the side of organic results. Often the paid results will be shaded or colored differently than the organic results.

Basically, SEO works primarily by anticipating the method by which the search engine’s algorithm will look for information. Because the algorithms change with regularity, the methods of SEO must adapt along with them. SEO also considers the search terms or key words a person is likely to use when using a search engine. The content of an article is then written in such a way to make it more relevant to a search engine using these criteria.

At first blush SEO may seem a bit sneaky or underhanded in that its methodology seems to prioritize the actual content of an article lower than an article’s ability to attract content. This is certainly part of the process; however, SEO (and particularly locally focused SEO in Salt Lake City) can also be seen as a tool to optimize the distribution of content to a wider audience via the internet.

Why Is Traffic To My Website Important?

GuestCentric-Increase-Direct-Website-TrafficIf you are a business owner these days, it is necessary to have an online presence. The easiest way to do this is to have a website. Websites can be static or changing, and are 100% customizable to your specific needs. Furthermore, you can reach anyone in the entire world that has internet access if you have an online presence. This means, potentially, every world citizen can know about your business and use your services.

Now, let’s be realistic. Your business market it not the entire world. However, the internet still allows you to reach so many more potential customers and clients than you would possibly reach if you didn’t have a website at all.

The problem is, however, that just having a website does not automatically guarantee that you will have anyone actually see the site. If your website it new, or if your business is just starting out and you have limited funds, there really is a small likelihood of customers seeing your website content. To get your content discovered, you need special strategies.

These strategies are call SEO, SEM, SMO and Internet Marketing (an umbrella term).

SEO is short for search engine optimization. This refers to multiple processes of coding and more that helps search engines like Google and Yahoo! read your website more easily. SEO can be done, in a limited sense, for free.

SEM is search engine marketing. This refers to paid advertising campaigns that use search engines. It’s like a commercial for the internet.

SMO is social media optimizationLike SEO, this can be done for free to an extent. This requires a very in depth understanding of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.