TOEFL Test : What To Expect

toefl practice test

The TOEFL test is designed for those who don’t speak English as their primary language and are planning on attending a school in the United States. The TOEFL practice test measures a person’s ability of how well they understand and use the English language. There are two different versions of the TOEFL test: one is called the PBT and it’s taken on paper and one is called the IBT and it’s taken on a computer. Usually, the students will not be able to pick which version they will take, the determination is made by the country that they live in.

The iBT computer version will contain four sections:

  • Reading: in the reading section you will read about 5 passages and then you will answer questions about each passage. The reading section takes about 2 hours to finish.
  • Listening: in the listening section you will listen to 6 lectures and then answer questions about each lecture. The listening section takes about 90 minutes to finish.
  • Speaking: in the speaking section, you will have to convey all your thoughts orally which means will have to speak out loud. This section might also combine other sections such as listening, writing, and reading, but this section generally only takes about 20 minutes to finish.
  • Writing: in the writing section you will have to write an essay and you will have 50 minutes to finish the essay.

The paper-based test will be slightly different and it will contain the following:

  • Listening comprehension: in this section, the teacher or the administrator will play for you some recorded statements as well as some conversations in English. Then you will answer questions right away after each recording. You are not allowed to take notes and you will have 50 questions in total that you will need to answer.
  • Structure and written expression: in this section, you will see some sentences that will contain bad spelling, usage errors as well as grammatical and then you will have to identify all the mistakes that are made. There are about 40 questions.
  • Reading comprehension: in this section, you will read some passages in English, and then you will answer questions about each passage. 
  • Writing: you will just have to write an essay.

Your TOEFL test scores are an accurate reflection of how well you are doing with the English language and the score is good for up to 2 years after you take the TOEFL test. If you end up waiting more than two years to apply to college after you take the test, then you will just have to retake the test again.

How To Register For The TOEFL Test?

You can register for the TOEFL practice test by calling or on your computer online. Online registration is the fastest way to register. You are allowed to register from 3 to 4 months before the actual test day. Early registration is recommended because there could be a very high demand for places. Plus, registering early will give you more time to prepare and to study.


Know What To Do When You Hire Park City Interior Design


park city interior design

Hiring and working with a professional interior design park city can be a positive and life-changing experience for a lot of homeowners. However, if you have never worked with a designer you might feel intimidated and scared about hiring one for yourself. But there’s nothing that you need to be intimidated about. Read this guide and learn what you can expect when you hire an interior designer. This guide can help you understand the whole process. 

When you hire a designer you’ll need to have realistic expectations

Most professional and well-trained interior designers will first tell you that you need to have realistic expectations. As much as you love those home renovation shows, you cannot expect your home to look like that. on the television shows about home renovations they have different budgets and stories so you cannot expect to be like them. So your expectations should depend on what your budget can cover. That doesn’t necessarily mean the designer won’t do a great job, it just means you might not get top-quality furniture for your home. However, your designer will still do their best to help create your dream home.

When you hire a designer pick one that fits your needs

Not every single interior designer is exactly the same. Each different designer has their own personal and unique ideas. To make sure you pick the right designer, it’s important to know that your designer is always on the same page as you. You’ll need to meet and interview with a few different designers before you to choose which one to hire. Most interior designers will offer free consultations so you can meet with as many as you want. Consultations can either be over the phone or in-person and won’t cost you anything. During the consultation, you need to use that time to ask the designers about their previous work and learn more about them as a person. You’ll also need to ask how you should communicate with them and what is their preferred payment method. Make sure to also mention to the designer what is your goal and ask them if they can achieve that goal. 

When you hire a designer you’ll always need to communicate with them

Always communicating with your designer will ensure that you’re closer to achieving your dream home. Don’t be afraid to let the designer know what you want and let know what you don’t like, it’s your home and you have a say. Great and experienced interior designers actually love when customers speak up and offer their ideas, it actually makes it easier for the designer to understand what you want. Interior design park city professionals are here for you and are ready to listen to all your requests. Make sure you speak up earlier because the earlier you speak up the easier it will be to make changes. Don’t wait till the last minute to offer your opinion because it might be too late to make changes.


Different Type Of Cleanings That Commercial Cleaning Orem Offers


commercial cleaning orem


Every business office deserves a great cleaning experience. Each office building has unique layouts with different materials that require different types of cleaning. When choosing a commercial cleaning orem you need to make sure they offer all types of cleaning services and not the same cleaning every time. Here are some different cleaning services that you can look forward to from a good commercial cleaning company.

Green Cleaning

Many commercial cleaning companies will offer a green cleaning service to provide their clients a healthier cleaning that can make their office building a safer space for their employees and customers. Green cleaning service can reduce the usage of harsh chemicals and can make the air a little more cleaner. If you choose green cleaning you can reduce your office buildings water bill and reduce employees from getting sick.

Carpet Cleaning

Many offices nowadays are filled with carpets. Carpets are great for preventing sound from getting through the floors and are very comfortable but they do get very dirty because of the high traffic. Carpets can also soften the look of the room and can also provide comfortable walking space for everyone. When you hire commercial cleaning services, carpet cleaning is one of many services that they will offer you. 

Emergency Cleaning

Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time of their life. There might be chances that you will have an emergency in your office building at one point.  Emergencies can be like a flood or an earthquake and that can create a huge mess.  You could enter your office building one day to find damages or stuff broken. So no matter what emergency happens to you, commercial cleaning will take care of the clean-up. 

Glass Cleaning

Office buildings have beautiful and big windows. If you have a great view out of your office window, it can be awesome to look out of it every day. That is until the office employees open the glass too many times, leaving the glass completely covered in fingerprints. Or you ordered lunch for everyone and their greasy fingers touched your office door. Commercial cleaning services offer glass cleaning that will leave your glass doors and windows completely clear. Commercial cleaners are thorough and will create a streak-free surface for you to enjoy the view from your glass window. 

Post Construction Cleaning

 Renovations are very exciting because that means your office building is getting a new look. Your employees might have to work around construction men or deal with loud noises. And sadly after the construction is done and the workers leave, you get left with a bunch of mess. Using commercial cleaning for post-construction clean-up is a great way to add that brand new look to your office after the renovations. Anyone knows who’s lived in a house while it’s getting renovated, dust will be everywhere. Small dust particles can be in the air forever and can cause a lot of sneezing. When you use commercial cleaning orem for construction clean-up, you can get your business up and running a lot faster.