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The unfortunate truth regarding the future prospects of a content creator working for an SEO Salt Lake City business who is primarily tasked to create content for web bots is that his or her job will not exist in the probably near future. This is the case because as soon as artificial intelligence or sentient programs develop sufficiently in sophistication and their price point drops sufficiently to the level where they are cheaper to buy than paying actual humans the actual humans will no longer be paid because they will be replaced with said artificial intelligence. The only question is, how long will it take for this sophistication and price point to reach this epoch.

Now of course the content creator will have to adapt to this new reality and the smart content creator will anticipate this eventuality and adapt before it happens. Make no mistake, as soon as it is no longer worth it for the Utah SEO business to pay the freelance content creator they will drop them like a hot potato. This is no slight against the SEO Park City business. They have to survive in the modern business climate just like any other profit motivated concern. Rather, this is more a warning to the complacent content creator who thinks he can rely on the compensation he makes writing content for web bots.

If content creation is the skill the individual relies upon for income then the individual will have to refocus his efforts on actual content that provides actual information to other people. This combined with the content creator’s own point of view will go a long way to ensure longevity in the field of content creation. This is true because it seems unlikely that artificial intelligence will be able to replicate the point of view of a specific content creator within the foreseeable future.