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Most successful businesses in Salt Lake City require a robust internet presence and this requires the use of practices which employ SEO with Salt Lake City as a focus. But what exactly is SEO?

SEO is an acronym standing for the term “Search Engine Optimization” and specifically refers to the process by which the content of a website can be managed to affect its visibility in the unpaid results of a search engine such as Google or Bing. Unpaid (sometimes called “organic” or “natural”) results are contrasted with “paid” results. Paid results are prioritized in the listings by a search engine because the search engine was paid to do so. Essentially, paid results are paid advertising. Unpaid search engine results by contrast are prioritized based on the relevance of the content of the article to the search terms submitted into the search engine. The relevance is determined by the search engine’s algorithm. SEO is the process by which the content of an article can be made to be valued as more relevant by the search engine’s algorithm and therefore appear higher in the search engine’s listings. Appearing higher in the listings is desirable because it makes it more likely that a person searching the web will view the article listed. Typically search engines will locate paid results above or to the side of organic results. Often the paid results will be shaded or colored differently than the organic results.

Basically, SEO works primarily by anticipating the method by which the search engine’s algorithm will look for information. Because the algorithms change with regularity, the methods of SEO must adapt along with them. SEO also considers the search terms or key words a person is likely to use when using a search engine. The content of an article is then written in such a way to make it more relevant to a search engine using these criteria.

At first blush SEO may seem a bit sneaky or underhanded in that its methodology seems to prioritize the actual content of an article lower than an article’s ability to attract content. This is certainly part of the process; however, SEO (and particularly locally focused SEO in Salt Lake City) can also be seen as a tool to optimize the distribution of content to a wider audience via the internet.