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SEO Salt Lake City businesses often employ writers to create content for their customers. Often this content is not created for human consumption but rather for web bots. When writers create content for web bots it does not matter what the content is so long as certain requirements are met. These requirements can vary depending on the intended function of the content. Often content is created in order to boost the position of the customer’s website in search engine listings when specific keywords are used by a person surfing the web. If the content contains the keywords and a link to the customer’s website this will have the effect of prioritizing the customer’s website in search engine listings when those keywords are used.

Accordingly, the created content need not be related to the customer’s business. As long as the content contains the links, the keywords, a picture and does not appear to be obvious spam it will be tallied by the web bot in order to prioritize search engine listings. There is a question as what would appear to be obvious spam to a web bot. Each search engine probably has different standards for this. Because search engine algorithms are proprietary information it is somewhat difficult for Utah SEO to know exactly how it makes its determinations as to how to prioritize its listings.

One specific way to make an educated guess as to how a search engine will prioritize its listings is to perform experiments and see what works. Through this method it was determined that links back to a website from a disinterested third party website does have a positive effect on search engine listings. Based on this and other experiments SEO Park City businesses have reverse engineered (to an extent) the functions of the search engine algorithms.