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It is widely understood that the use of photos and other images is the single, most important SEO tactic to optimize social media posts. This is true for SEO in Salt Lake City and around the world. In other words, by simply adding a picture to a blog post or tweet one can significantly increase the chances that blog post or tweet will be read by a person surfing the internet than it would otherwise have without the picture.

Of course the most effective image will depend on what the person surfing the web is actually searching for or is otherwise interested in. As such, it is highly worth your while to consider the type of person who would be interested in the content you are providing and from there consider what picture would be most appealing to him or her. For example, if you have content designed to appeal to a heterosexual, teenaged boy it might serve your purposes to include a photograph of a beautiful woman in a bikini.

Keep in mind, however, that the image must be actually related to the content you are providing. Otherwise you will risk looking disingenuous which can then have the exact opposite effect you desire (i.e., the person actually reading your content). This happens because when people know they are being manipulated they tend to not like it and react negatively.

Now, certainly all advertising can be seen as an attempt to manipulate a potential person into consuming content and ultimately making a purchase based upon that consumption. But there is a difference between encouraging a person to read your content by providing something useful and scamming a person into reading your content by tricking them. One leaves the person engaged and otherwise feeling good about themselves. The other engenders disengagement and leaves the person feeling manipulated and angry. Obviously, the former is more likely to convert to sales.

In short, when making a social media post try to add a picture that is related to the content but is designed to catch the eye of the potential person reading the content. This is the single most effective SEO technique in Utah or anywhere else.