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LifeAssist Man-down Monitoring & Tracking system

MobileTracking LifeAssist is a new breed of mobile phone-based technology that enables the operator to monitor the welfare of a person remotely, via the internet. This remote monitoring and tracking tool is unparalleled in its ease of use and the value it delivers to companies and individuals who require greater peace of mind for the safety of lone workers and vulnerable family members.

Man-down system for increased safety and rapid response assistance

With the LifeAssist mobile phone tracking and monitoring application, members of your team are better protected whilst working alone.  The application comes complete with historical and real-time GPS tracking, motion tracking, man-down alert, elementary signs-of-life check, biofeedback, remote camera activation, battery monitoring, and a voice-based interface.
Independent remote monitoring service over the internet
Information is fed to the ‘control room’ system online and accessed from your office computer or PC.  Automated alerts notify you when the device moves from an upright position, allowing you to send an alarm to initiate a response, accurately pinpoint their current position, and remotely take and view a picture or video from the device’s camera.

FootPrints mobile phone tracking offers the following advantages:

  Panic Button
  Tracking Modes
  Location by Onboard GPS
  Battery management
  “State of motion” monitoring (speed and direction)
  Remote Camera control
  Zone management
  Electronic Fences violation alerts
  GPRS primary and SMS secondary communication channel
  Buzzer function
  Voice prompts
  Device heartbeats
  Dual backend support for fully remote operation
  Excessive G-Force (fall/impact monitor)
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