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FootPrints Mobile Phone Tracking System
Mobile Tracking has a standard Mobile Phone Tracking system called FootPrints.The FootPrints mobile tracking software is an advanced GPS tracking system that operates directly from your mobile phone to provide accurate live positioning and complete cell phone tracking history.
Live and historic tracking direct from your mobile phone

Unlike traditional GPS tracking units that require specialist devices or vehicle installation, the FootPrints personnel tracking software requires no additional equipment, but is simply downloaded to a compatible mobile phone. This means that when you leave your vehicle, the FootPrints mobile tracking system goes with you.
Self-managed personnel tracking and monitoring system from your PC

The FootPrints mobile phone tracking package uses the MobileTracking M2M platform, which provides a web based interface to control and manage all cell phones remotely, either from a designated monitoring company or individual computer. The M2M platform also provides for data storage, reporting, exception monitoring, alert and notification and uses the Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping system for displaying GPS data.

FootPrints mobile phone tracking offers the following advantages:

  Real-time access to the exact location of your key personnel – not just their vehicle.
  Records movement, speed & distance for efficient route mapping and accountability.
  No expensive call centre fees – monitor independently from your office or PC.
  Cost-effective and simple to use: once you have purchased the FootPrints software, you pay a low
monthly service fee.
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